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The Gilbratar burn out and how it can be solved peacefully

April 03, 2017


Greetings and hola Senor Prime Minister Mariano,


I am writing my day to express my anxieties caused by the news of Gilbratar and my whole honest thoughts on the dire situation and what can be done to prevent a Paella pan incident. So let myself begin.

Open letter from James Bond to Mr. Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain

Now the first I heard of this was on the news (BBC Radio 2) … a man, a professional journalist was debating with an Iraq war veteran about how we should send our Navy to blow up the Spanish Navy and fight for sovereignty of the British people living in Gibraltar, clearly blowing the lid off the pan.


I suppose this journalist thinks we live in the early 19th century in the time of Napoleon. Back then we had an honest excuse because Spain, at the start was allied with France and our country was under threat from an invasion by a joint fleet which was struck down with a Coup de Grace from the great Admiral Horatio Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.


Much has changed since those days and attacking for no reason would probably be like Pearl harbour in which we would quickly make a bull mad so that it produces horns, not to mention cause a stir in the UN. However, in terms of war happening I'd say it's as low in probability of happening by about 5%, the fact most of the public do not care for the unicorns (uni -students) rattling sabres with no real power and thus we will probably remain friends.


The best way to solve this, in my view, is by a referendum vote by the people of Gibraltar to decide whether they want to stay in or out. That way we can sought this hot-pot situation out without the mess of a war. To be fair I get tired of boasters who advocate war and yet think they are fighting by posting on Facebook in the hope people understand them (we don't) as someone who fought in a gang war in my hometown.


I can safety say that war solves nothing and should only be used as a last jump-card. In short peace negotiations will be needed to ease the wound before it becomes infected. Rather than fear we must have hope that things will turn-over for the best so we can continue our trade and commerce.


Anyway thank you for reading my letter and I hope our countries can reach an agreement on what must be done. I hope you calm the fears of your people in the message of hope. Once again thank you.


Yours sincerely,


 James Bond


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