The Petitions

Sign the Petition or Start You Own Petition

Sign a Petition, any number of Petitions, and add your voice to the Strength of Many; or start your own Petition and take charge in the competition of ideas.


You’re sitting on a ringside seat, witnessing a worldwide battle of ideas over what kind of approach is likely to deliver the greatest benefit to the majority of the people on both sides of the Divide.

Make a Way Out of No Way

Re-imagine and re-navigate through the most challenging dynamics of our time. You have thoughts. You have vision. You have ideas. You have the capacity within you to create the world anew, turning to one another. You’re only limited by your own imagination. “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, says Albert Einstein. Imagination begins to open up what can happen, what you can make happen. Knowledge is what has happened. Within the seeds of your past lies the future.

What Happens Next

The Petitions are simultaneously published in cyberspace as soon as they’re published on In time, tabulated results will be presented to the pertinent leaders in charge. Today’s solutions, forged by the Power of Many, can and will be applied to resolve yesterday’s problems.


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