Write Your Open Letter to the World Leader of Your Choice

You’re invited to share power with the most powerful?

How can we as people of conscience galvanize the European leadership and the world leaders at large to forge a sustainable peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians?

Write and publish your own open letters through the Building the Bridge Foundation at www.buildingthebridge.eu,. Share your vision with one or more world leaders. What would you do if you were in his or her or their shoes? The majority of the people in the world want peace in our time. Why not sooner than later? What is taking so long? Come on! Use your pen as your sword.

Let’s unite in our efforts to bring about the change that the majority of mankind wants. Isn’t the written ballot better than the bullet? Never give up on the idea that we the people can organize and effectuate positive change. The struggle is bigger than any political effort. We, through the power of many, can and must break through the barriers.

Follow the directions below and write to your heart’s content. As soon as they’re accepted and published online, they’re cast in concrete and accessible in cyberspace through all the search engines.

Help make the difference and THANKS!!!

By the way, feel free to write your open letter anonymously using an alias. We’re more interested in what you’ve got to say than who you are.

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