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My scream to the world

December 05, 2023


Im writing this letter because the world leaders are failing us. Because we are complicit in war crimes we do not support. Because we are chained to your decisions and you have failed. Because when we scream we are being shut.

Open letter from Shakila to Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, President-elect of the European Commission

We have given power to fleshes of this world who are stone-hearted, cold-hearted, and blind-hearted. They have no path, dignity, or spine. They consume pain and bathe in blood. They are strong indeed but empty as well. Their speeches are hollow, their voices crack. There is no depth in their gaze. They are shells consisting of crumbles. Their veins are stained with screams of horrors.


They dream of shattered dreams, they fantasize about demons and hell. Greed is their fuel, war is their laughter, lies are their food, and death is their trap. They call themselves Gods of democracy. They hide behind phrases such as compassion and freedom. Love is not a term they know of. The soil is wet with tears from injustice, the woods are moist with fear for humanity, the oceans are drowning in roars, and the skies are burning with resistance. The seeds are not only sprouting, they're growing. There is thunder on entry, it will not obey, its respect is vaporized, it has gotten rid of its manacles, and the sand pebbles are vibrating. From underneath, from within, from above a force is formed. Our fatigue is eaten up by our wrath.


The tremble of the gods must be known. The letters of the alphapet matters only because we believe it does. Such is the case of trust. Today trust is a shivering thread. Save the children, stop the endless violence.

Free the Palestinian people. You must.


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