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June 05, 2018


I have write this letter because i am deeply concerned about the refugees around the world. So i raise my voice for the refugees children and i want the world to raised their voice too.

To International Community and Leaders around the world
Open letter from salman to Mr. António Guterres, United Nations Secretary General

My Message To International Community and Leaders around the world,


I am Salman Khalid from Pakistan, I am 23, and I am writing this letter to rise my voice for Syria and other Refugees around the world they are desperately need of our help they are tired, scared and Exhausted of the war. Those refugees who escaped from the war they are traveling miles along the roads sleeping wherever they find a place along the roads.


Refugee has no age limit. Most of them are Children’s and women. They are struggling to survive they are fighting every day for a better life but they cannot. UNICEF, UNHCR and some others Humanitarian’s NGOs are doing a fascistic job by providing basic needs like Food, Clean Water, Shelters, Clothing, Health issue, Education and many other facilities. However, but they still need more of that. Every child dreams has been shattered just as their families have been shattered. Those who survive seeing gruesome violence that no child want to see. Children’s are working hard to earn for their families and they are the sole breadwinner for their families. When these innocence children’s in their age need to play, learn, and want to go to school. Child labor and early marriages are increasing in numbers due to of lack of education. Every child had a dream to get an education, because through education they can rebuild their dreams, it allows them to think of hope rather than hatred. Every child wants to bring a positive impact through education, they wanted to become engineers, scientists, doctors and teachers and this is only possible for them through education every child has the basic right of education. All they want a better life where every child can go to school like a normal human being where they carry books instead of guns, where they holds pens and papers instead of bullets where there is no violence, war and killing but instead they want love, peace and freedom. They hoped that one day they we will go back to Syria, and rebuild their country again for a better future. We are our hope to them we need to care for them the world need to care for them. How fortunate we are... to have food to eat, roof on our heads, safe place to live and to have a parents, kids and above all fortunate of being in good health.


To all my Refugee Fellows do not lose hope. When there is hope there is always a way out. Now it’s time that we each individual should play our role lend our helping hand, support them, encourage them and give them hope for a better tomorrow. Millions of people are with you one day you all will be heading to home to rebuild your home a happy, safe and peace country. So, I raised my voice and I need the world to raise their voice too and please, please, please help them through whatever you can. A little can do a lot so; we can rebuild their dreams again. Every child matters. “Little Children Big Dreams” At the end, just want to say that, a refugee is not a dangerous .The dangerous person is the one who made that person a refugee. I used social media as a platform so, through this my voice should reached to millions of people around the world. Please remember all the refugees in our prayers and pray for peace.


Yours sincerely,

Salman Khalid


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Philip McFedries

Posted on Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The UN is strangled by the "war for profit" cabal of the permanent members of the "Security Council" for whom 'security' should be spelled SELF-INTEREST.






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