If it resonates …

Now that you have come to the Action Plan, I’d like to thank you for having signed the petition or, if you haven’t yet, to encourage you to get involved.


If the concept resonates, Living Apart Yet Together, a Borderless Two State Solution connecting Israel with Palestine, we are about to embark on something great. We can all try to do what matters.


If it resonates, I am asking you not just to march to the drums of change but play a part to making this change a reality. In short, I need your help. I can’t do it alone.


If it resonates, figure out what to do next. Walk up to your own community and say: ‘here, take a look and consider getting involved’.


If it resonates, help make an impact. The challenge of our future is making the right choices: are we going to make things better, are we going to do nothing, or are we going to degrade into warring tribes, willing to bring other groups down?


If it resonates, help weave our story and weave a network. Everyone has his / her own network. Everyone has his / her own radio station and television network. Everyone has his/own own printing press.


If it resonates, speak up! Touch the hopes, dreams, interests, needs and wants of those who care!


If it resonates, tell at least 10 people who’ll trust you enough to at least listen; and, encourage those to tell 10 others, etc., etc., etc.


Everyone is connected. We are, after all, in a post-geographic world. Let us make a connection between struggles and hope and become part of a world community greater than us.


Abraham A. van Kempen






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