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Letter of Apology

July 03, 2017

One American's Deepest Apology for Trump

Open letter from Jackie to The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

July 3, 2017

To the Distinguished G7 Members:


My name is Jackie S Brown and I am a private citizen in the United States, with no political ambitions or intentions. First of all, let me say: my deepest personal apologies for our “leader’s” behavior, temperament and messages. He does NOT represent the majority of us. Please know that most of us here in the states did NOT vote for trump but are, instead, resisting him like never before. I just did not want you to think that all of us are similar to that disaster in the White House or those who put him there. The States and Cities are with you! And we will do all we can to support your efforts and WILL be there for you in times of need. Please keep up the wonderful work while we get our country back together. Until then, I recommend that you isolate the US in order to save the rest of the globe (until the criminal in charge eventually lets his mouth incriminate him) - we’re too dangerous right now - save yourselves. And do not forget - the popular vote was AGAINST him and I don't know how yet, but we WILL return. Again, my apologies for my country’s current “leadership". We are with you in what I believe to be our common goals of Life, Liberty, Peace, and Honor (with special urgency on the environment/Paris accords).


All the Best to You and Your People,


Jackie Jacquelyn Susan Brown, private citizen, retired audio tech New York City


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