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A request to save the disabled children from ISIS

June 01, 2021


To the UN and its representatives: I wrote this short letter/telegram as a plea to help save disabled children in the middle east from the evil of ISIS who have started killing disabled children for no apparent reason (please see link below)

Open letter from Lelouch to Mr Michael Møller, Director-General, United Nations Office at Geneva

My name is Andrew Brennan and I help fight terrorism to save lives, I recently found this article online that I want to draw to your attention and I want to request help to set up military protection zones to protect disabled children from ISIS who are murdering them using forced euthanasia which is absolutely awful, not just as a breach of Geneva regulations but also at how young these victims are, too young to even comprehend what is going on, I really hope you at the UN can help save them from this tyranny of evil and help us defeat ISIS once and for all. I believe the reason they are doing it is to simply scare people and show they are still a threat, indeed I found it shocking they would stoop to this low level , killing children is the worst form of terrorism and crime in general, I hope we can find who is responsible for this wave of terror and bring him to justice. ISIS are also using children as conscript soldiers which also breaches UN regulations on the Geneva convention, we need to stop them from radicalising innocent kids into their ranks as they are likely doing this because they know we will least suspect is sickening to say the least... (see youtube video) If needs be we may have to form another coalition of world powers as I think they will attempt more attacks when the corona virus lockdown settles so we must be ready. I really hope we (in the security sector) can count on your support.


Thank you for reading from

Sir Andrew James Brennan


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