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A disillusioned 18 year old's point of view

October 24, 2016

I wish to provide Mr. Putin with perspective from a common American citizen.

Open letter from Ian to Mr. Vladimir Putin, The President of the Russian Federation

Mr. Putin, My name is Ian Simpson. I am currently residing in San Francisco, California, writing to you on behalf of myself and others' concerns over the escalating conflict between our two countries. To start this letter off, I want to implicate the current United States administration of deliberately deceiving the public through usage of propaganda and selective media coverage.


As you have seen, technology has progressed exponentially in the past several decades. Information can be shared and streamed into every home across the country. The problem is the reliability and integrity of this information, as well as the citizen's unwitting acceptance of this information without question. Many of us are beginning to realize that we are being lied to, and have been for some time.


From the conflict in Syria, to the overthrowing of Gaddafi in Libya and the complete destruction of the state's infrastructure, the DNC's clear election fraud (that is being falsely attributed to Russia, despite the fact that elections have been rigged in the United States for decades), the 9/11 "terrorist" attacks... A select number of us KNOW that we are being deceived, and that number only grows as our circus show of an election comes to a close.


The National Defense Authorization Act, Section 1097 nullified the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, allowing the legal dissemination of propaganda throughout the United States. Our information is not reliable, and more often than not it serves to expedite the agenda of key power players. We are being deliberately manipulated into believing falsified information designed to play on our fear and emotions.


The people are slowly waking up, but I fear it is too little too late, for the Orwellian systems have already been implemented and normalized in the American psyche. I am writing to you on behalf of the concerned citizens of this country. A nervous energy grows as the election draws near.


We are not organized, therefore we cannot enact change. We have no say in what happens in the upper echelons of government. We have been systematically divided, our power as a people diluted, while our Constitution slowly disintegrates while many of us are completely oblivious.


If I walked through the streets of San Francisco, and asked the people I encounter what the war in Syria is about, their response would be "What war?". More people in the United States want to see Hillary Clinton indicted than elected President. The majority of us are aware that our government is corrupt. But we are a police state and we cannot revolt without fear of death, or the implementation of martial law.


I am writing to you out of fear that the People may be out of options. Our government has a monopoly on force and violence, and has clear authority to utilize these tools during a civil uprising. There are not enough conscious people to stage an effective revolt against our government. We cannot do what Iceland did, for we are simply too divided, too pacified by the fluoride in our water and physically, mentally, and spiritually weakened by the poison in our food, and the poison in our hearts.


For many of us who see what's going on, including myself, hope is a scarce commodity. If I had to summarize what I'm trying to say here... It's that the people of the United States have no control over the actions of our government, and have not for some time. We are also largely unaware of the true scope of what's going on, although that is slowly changing.


Please go after the people making these decisions, the elite syndicate, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Zionists, men with no name... They are behind it all. From 9/11 to Gaddafi to Syria. The dissolution of their power is the only long term solution to these never-ending conlficts. War will only bring them profit and build their power structure. Life is beautiful and I do not wish to leave it before seeing a better, fairer world come into being.


I understand that your position requires you to make difficult decisions, and I understand that one letter from an 18 year old American won't change shit. But I hope nonetheless that this emotionally charged letter provides you with insight into the average American's level of involvement in these issues. Please help us, and if you're going to nuke anything have it be D.C.


Ian Simpson

San Francisco, CA

United States


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