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June 07, 2024


A Call to Action – A Letter to President Biden Copied to the World


The Hague, The Netherlands, 7 June 2024 | Tell the world about a decisive story. We're still searching.



I’m writing this letter because the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine has plagued our world for far too long, causing untold suffering and instability.

Our Friday News Analysis | What the World Reads Now!

Open letter from Abigail Ngui to Mr. Joe Biden, President of the USA


As global citizens and leaders, we have the moral obligation and the collective power to drive meaningful change and foster lasting peace. The struggle for peace is more significant than any political endeavor; it is a human imperative that demands our united effort. Together, we can break through barriers and forge a new path toward reconciliation and prosperity.


June 6, 2024


Dear Esteemed World Leaders,


In the annals of history, some moments demand decisive action, moments that shape the future for generations to come.


We stand at such a crossroads today. The enduring conflict between Israel and Palestine is a wound that continues to bleed, not just in the hearts of those directly affected but in the conscience of humanity. The time for change is now. The world is watching, and we must rise to the occasion with unwavering resolve.

The vision for peace in the Holy Land respects the deep historical, cultural, and religious significance of Jerusalem and its surroundings. It envisions two sovereign states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in security and mutual recognition, with Jerusalem as an open, internationally administered city that belongs to all who revere it.

The Path Forward

1. Immediate Ceasefire: The first step must be an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. Hostilities must cease to create a conducive environment for meaningful dialogue and negotiations. This will halt the cycle of violence and rebuild trust between the parties.

2. Commitment to a Two-State Solution: We must renew our commitment to the two-state solution based on pre-1967 borders with mutually agreed land swaps. This framework provides a realistic and just foundation for both Israelis and Palestinians to achieve their national aspirations.

3. International Governance of Jerusalem: Jerusalem, a city sacred to Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike, should be administered by an international body that ensures equal access and governance. This arrangement would protect the holy sites and guarantee freedom of worship for all.

4. Robust Security Arrangements: We must establish robust security mechanisms that include demilitarized zones, international peacekeeping forces, and joint Israeli-Palestinian security patrols to ensure the safety and stability of both nations.

5. Resolution of the Refugee Issue: Addressing the Palestinian refugee crisis with compassion and justice is paramount. We must offer refugees choices for resettlement, compensation, or return to a new Palestinian state, supported by an international fund dedicated to their wellbeing.

6. Economic Cooperation and Development: Promoting economic cooperation between Israel and Palestine is crucial for peace. Joint economic zones and international investment can spur development and provide a foundation for lasting prosperity.

7. Broad International Support: This effort requires the support and involvement of the international community. A country like Norway, with a history of neutrality and mediation, can lead this initiative, backed by the diplomatic and economic power of nations like the United States, European Union, and regional actors.

The Urgency of Now World leaders, the urgency of this moment, cannot be overstated. The conflict has cost countless lives and continues to breed despair and hatred. The global community yearns for peace in the Holy Land, and we have the power to bring it about. We must act with the steadfastness of purpose, guided by the principles of justice and human dignity. The Power of Unity History has shown us that when humanity unites towards a common goal, even the most formidable barriers can be overcome. This is our opportunity to make a lasting impact and to be remembered as the generation that chose peace over conflict, unity over division, and hope over despair.

Let us not delay. The voices of millions cry out for peace. Let us heed their call and work together, with confidence and determination, to bring about a new dawn for Israel and Palestine, for Jerusalem and the world.

The time to act is now.


Abigail Ngui

Postscript: The path to peace is arduous but within our reach. Let us commit ourselves to this noble endeavor, knowing that our collective efforts can and will make a difference.


What is the Side of the Story that is Not Yet Decisive? Edited by Abraham A. van Kempen.


Editor’s Note: The future of our world is in the hands of our youth. The heartfelt letter above tells our story in our time now. Thank you, Ms. Abigail Ngui, for your thoughts.





Making a Difference – The Means, Methods, and Mechanism for Many to Move Mountains


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Making a Difference – The Means, Methods, and Mechanism for Many to Move Mountains

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