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Making the Means, Methods and Mechanism for MANY to Move Mountains …

September 04, 2015

By: Abraham A. van Kempen, Editor


Source: The Times of Israel


Published SEP 3, 2018


Become part of what might become the biggest letter writing campaign in the history of mankind. Anyone, everywhere may write a letter, personally or anonymously, to a designated world leader of choice in just three clicks. Immediately thereafter, the letter is published on and, simultaneously, it is flashed throughout cyberspace.

Move mountains

A Virtual Post Office

Write Your Open Letter to the World Leader of Your Choice. Express your power with the most powerful. Go to address your open letter to. More than 155+ leaders in more than 40+ countries are two clicks away. Sign it with your own name or sign it with an alias. We’re more interested in what you’ve got to say than who you are.

Whispering Speed

What happens then? Your letter will be published on and, concurrently, it will be sped throughout Cyberspace, cross-indexed by name of the world leader. A select few will be printed and snail mailed directly to their respective official residences and to their respective embassies in The Netherlands.

A Ballot Without Bullets

This is one way how we as people of conscience are empowered to galvanize the European leadership and the world leaders at large to forge a sustainable peace between the people of Israel and the people of Palestine. Isn’t the ballot better than the bullet?

A Thundering Protest in Silence

Let’s move Europe, together with the International Community, to broker a sustainable peace by guaranteeing security in the region. Let’s go beyond the infantile and incendiary and, instead, pursue intelligent discourse. Let’s simplify the process toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Struggle to Peacefully Co-exist.

The Power of Many

Let’s unite in our efforts to bring about the change that the majority of mankind wants. Never give up on the idea that we the people can organize and effectuate positive change. The struggle is bigger than any political effort. We, through the power of many, can and must break through the barriers.

Help make the difference and THANKS!!!


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