The Great Debate

The Better Angels of Our Nature …

February 01, 2016

By: Abraham A. van Kempen, Editor



We’ve learned our lesson. The European people won’t allow Europe to create another quagmire. We can and will help the State of Israel and the State of Palestine to break out of their jam (to put it mildly) and to help build bridges if and only if both voluntarily lay down their arms. Inevitably, a democratically decreed regime change, voted in by the majority of the people on both sides of the Divide is in order. Thereafter, Europe can and will guarantee authentic security and sustainable peace, especially when pressured to do so by the Court of World Public Opinion. We Europeans can propose but cannot impose upon the people of the region to do what’s right. If only all parties could rethink what’s right rather than what’s wrong with the other, they’ll be light years ahead. Abraham Lincoln referred to the idea as seeking “the better angels of our nature.”

Peace Starts at the Finish Line …


Peace making is a mission that starts at the finish line. It never ends.

Real and sustainable peace begins in the mind and heart, in the will and soul because peace arises out of genuine appreciation and respect for the other. Peace is a conscious decision to improve relations and to do everything possible to overcome tensions and misunderstandings and, if possible, even to become friends. Peace is the fruit of love. It is give and take.


In our times with distances so much shorter and communications so much faster, we still face the paradox of vast socio-economic gaps within and among nations: tragic imbalances in the hope of life and the resources available for education and health; profound differences in the exercise of freedom and an uneven recognition of human dignity.


How can we make use of the goods of the Earth, the fruits of the mind and the heart?


Youth The Future of Mankind …


Youth is the time when one wonders, what can be done in life, how one can make the world a better place, contributing to justice and peace. 


Youth is an extraordinary asset to mankind, anointed with divine grace. Young people still view life as an unending street open toward infinite possibilities. In the hearts of our youth are the future prospects of mankind.


Circumstances often hinder the full development of human dreams. Nonetheless, those dreams always remain open to accomplish great ideals. Nothing and no one can prevent us from achieving noble ideals, except ourselves.


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