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Source: The Times of Israel

Published SEP 3, 2018

Become part of what might become the biggest letter writing campaign in the history of mankind. Anyone, everywhere may write a letter, personally or anonymously, to a designated world leader of choice in just three clicks. Immediately thereafter, the letter is published on and, simultaneously, it is flashed throughout cyberspace.

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Neither Israel's nor Germany's Slide Into Fascism Was Accidental Source: Haaretz


By Yoav Rinon 

Published Jun 06, 2019


The Zionist attempt to create a secular-national movement based on Jewish identity could not help but have a religious messianic component. From there it was inevitable that it would turn racist

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Manifest Destinies Source: The Nation


By Rashid Khalidi

Published JUNE 3, 2019


The tangled history of American and Israeli exceptionalism.

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The Day Christian Fundamentalism Was Born Source: The New York Times


By Matthew Avery Sutton

Published May 25, 2019


How a meeting in Philadelphia changed American religion forever.

For many Americans, it was thrilling to be alive in 1919. The end of World War I had brought hundreds of thousands of soldiers home. Cars were rolling off the assembly lines. New forms of music, like jazz, were driving people to dance. And science was in the ascendant, after helping the war effort. Women, having done so much on the home front, were ready to claim the vote, and African-Americans were eager to enjoy full citizenship, at long last. In a word, life was dazzlingly modern.

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The Zionist Idea has Never Been More Terrifying than It Is Today Source: American Herald Tribune



Published MAY 12 ,2019


On this seventy-first annual commemoration of Palestine’s Jewish-state Nakba, let’s resolve not to continue to oversimplify things.

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Trump’s America, Netanyahu’s Israel Source: London Review of Books


By Adam Shatz

Published 18 April 2019

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German leader calls Netanyahu, stresses need for two-state solution Source: The Times of Israel



Published 15 April 2019


Comments, reported only by Merkel’s office, follow PM’s campaign vow to annex settlements, rejection of Palestinian statehood

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No Country for Palestinians Source: Project Syndicate



Published April 2, 2019


The Israeli general election should have given Israelis an opportunity to choose between war and peace. Instead, Israelis will have a choice between war and more war, between occupation and more occupation, even if the candidates avoid using those terms.

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Looking for the Brothers and Sisters of Jesus: Challenging the Ideas of Israelism (including Christian Zionism and Replacement Theology) By Steven Paas



Published March 30, 2019

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By Jonathan Kuttab

Published March 2, 2018


I am a Palestinian Christian and the most pressing question about Christian Zionism for me is not its theological predictions about the end times, prophecy, or the Second Coming, since the Bible makes clear that no one knows the exact time for the fulfillment of these prophecies, except the Father (Mark 13:32), and Christian church history has been full of those who made wrong predictions about the end times and the Second Coming, starting with St. Paul himself, through Martin Luther, and up to Hal Lindsay.

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