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Source: The Times of Israel


Published SEP 3, 2018


Become part of what might become the biggest letter writing campaign in the history of mankind. Anyone, everywhere may write a letter, personally or anonymously, to a designated world leader of choice in just three clicks. Immediately thereafter, the letter is published on and, simultaneously, it is flashed throughout cyberspace.

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The Gift of Faith … Living Words from John Paul II

Edited by Abraham A. van Kempen


Published Sunday, November 22, 2020

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UN Votes Overwhelmingly in Support of Palestinian Self-determination Source: Haaretz


By Noa Landau

Published November 20, 2020


While Pompeo makes unprecedented visit to a West Bank settlement, a General Assembly committee redoubled its commitment to a two-state solution with 163 states voting in favor

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A Palestinian perspective on the U.S. election Source: Mondoweiss


By Haidar Eid

Published November 16, 2020

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Trump or No Trump, Religious Authoritarianism Is Here to Stay Source: The New York Times


By Katherine Stewart

Published 16 November, 2020


Their unlikely ally may have lost the White House, but Christian nationalists still plan to win the war.

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On Being with Krista Tippett Source: On Being


On Being with Krista Tippett


Remembering Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


Original Air Date

November 11, 2010


Last Updated

November 12, 2020

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Open the Door to Solidarity [Unity] … Living Words from John Paul II

Edited by Abraham A. van Kempen


Published Sunday, November 15, 2020

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Pastor Robert Jeffress: Biden is president-elect — how should Christians respond? Source: Fox News


By Dr. Robert Jeffress

Published 8.11.2020


What is God doing in this outcome? Why would He allow this to happen?

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Analysis | In a post-Trump World, Israeli Politics Will Never Be the Same Source: Haaretz


By Anshel Pfeffer

Published 08.11.2020


Trump’s defeat will dent Netanyahu’s already tarnished aura of invincibility and its effect may soon be reflected in the prime minister’s already dismal polling

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Abbas Congratulates Biden, but Arabs Doubt New President Will Herald Change Source: Haaretz


By Jack Khoury and Reuters

Published 08.11.2020


Biden promised a tough line on human rights but the streets are cynical and expect no fundamental policy shift in the Middle East

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